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Innovative Flock Products for Demanding Applications
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Press Release

Cellusuede Products, Inc. and Engineered Fibers Technology Announce Strategic Partnership

Cellusuede Products, Inc., a flock fiber producer located in Rockford, IL., is pleased to announce it has acquired 20% ownership interest in Connecticut firm Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC (EFT). This transaction offers Cellusuede the unique opportunity to bolster its technical and specialty fiber products and diversify its market base, while providing EFT with additional fiber cutting capabilities, capacity and manufacturing footprint. Visit EFT's website
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Innovative Flock Products for Demanding Applications

Cellusuede Products, Inc. has been an innovative leader in the flock industry for more than 70 years. We are in the forefront of new technologies and developments in flock products and manufacturing.

We support our products and their application with exceptional customer service and technical support. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations in quality, price and service.

Where Will You Find Flock?

  • Flock Greeting Card

    Greeting Cards

    Flock is a great material to add texture and graphics to greeting cards for any holiday or occasion.

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  • Flock paint pad

    Paint Pad

    Flock has been used on paint pads for many decades. Its function is to assist in transferring the paint from the pad to the surface being painted, without leaving streaks.

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  • Flock Door Mat

    Welcome Mat

    Flock serves as both a functional and decorative material for walk-off mats. It can be printed on, allowing for any number of designs to be used.

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  • Jewelery Chest

    Cologne Box

    Flock provides the benefit of bright colors and a velvet hand for a myriad of jewelry and packaging products.

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  • Automotive


    Flock has been used in automotive interiors for over 50 years, providing a soft touch, luxurious look and sound deadening function.

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  • Apparel


    Flock is making a tremendous comeback in apparel, offering versatility, cost effectiveness and a user friendly process for alternative styling.

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